Our Barbell Club is designed for anyone who would like to focus on the Olympic Lifts. Our Level 1 Class takes place several times per year and is open to all beginners looking to try out Olympic Lifting. This class is designed to supplement your current CrossFit training. Improving your lifts will also improve your strength, power and performance in CrossFit. Athletes of all skill levels are welcome in this 8-week class.

For those who would like to focus on Olympic Lifting and work toward competing we offer a Level 2 class. This class meets three times per week and focuses on technique and strength for Olympic lifting. Many participants compete locally and nationally in meets and continue to progress their weightlifting skill.


This class is created specifically for those 50+. We focus on movement, mobility, strength, and fun. Members can choose from a 2 day per week or 3- day per week option. We keep the group small and challenge each member at their own ability level. The focus is always on functional movements that lead to a better quality of life.


This class meets 3 times per week and is a balanced approach to strength and conditioning focused more on bodyweight movements, lighter weight training and mobility.

A balanced approach to strength and conditioning  via the use of bodyweight, gymnastics and barbell weight training w followed by mobility (flexibility, strength and joint health) each class to increase performance, injury prevention and weight loss).


This class focuses on improving endurance and aerobic capacity while also improving technique. Whether you are training for a specific race or just want to improve your times in WOD’s this class is for you. We also offer individualized training options for specific races or goals. Click here to learn more . . .


On Ramp is the perfect place to start! Come meet our Coaches today and get started on reaching your goals. 
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