CrossFit looks hard. Do I need to be in shape to start?

No! We start everyone from where they are and help you to reach YOUR goals. Our 1-on-1 OnRamp program is designed to teach you the basics and prepare you to continue with group classes or personal training. We make sure that you are set up for success, no matter which route you choose. Our programming is designed for all different levels and allows you to be challenged while also working where you are comfortable.

What is CrossFit?

CrossFit is functional. We use and teach movements that help you in everyday life. Learning a deadlift is simply being able to pick up a heavy bag of dog food off the floor. CrossFit is constantly varied. The workouts are always different. Though we do repeat certain benchmark workouts to test your progress, most days are not the same. Constantly varied does not mean random. Our workouts have plan and a purpose but we promise you won’t get bored. CrossFit is performed at high intensity. This just means you can get a lot of in a short amount of time. You don’t have to spend 3 hours at the gym. You get a great workout in 5 to 30 minutes.

What’s the WOD?

The WOD is simply the Workout of the Day. Every day is different which keeps things interesting.

What if I am an experience CrossFitter?

If you come to Adamant with previous CrossFit experience we would still love to talk with about your goals and past experience. Schedule a No Sweat Intro and then come check out a class. We want to make sure our gym is a good fit for you.

What happens in CrossFit class?

We start each class with a fun group warm-up just to get you moving and get your muscles warm. Then we move into a skill or strength portion. We may work on your front squat or we may work on a gymnastics still like handstands. Every skill has progressions from the most basic to the more difficult and we walk you through them at your level. The last part is the main WOD or workout of the day. This is where we start as a group, get the intensity up and push ourselves.

What makes you different?

Think of our CrossFit classes as small-group personal training. From Day 1 we will work with you on your personal goals and needs. Our coaches ensure that each person receives individual feedback and attention so that you get the most out of your hour. And we have fun! You are guaranteed to smile and leave happier than when you came in.


On Ramp is the perfect place to start! Come meet our Coaches today and get started on reaching your goals. 
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